Motor and Generator Coolers

Motor and Generator Coolers

Modine Commercial and Industrial Solutions (CIS) designs and manufactures cleanable coolers for electric motors and generators where untreated sea or lake water is used. These motor/generator coolers are used for air cooling via circulating water and can be installed for either horizontal or vertical airflow.

The cleanable coolers have removable headers and can be designed with single or double tubes, made of different materials depending on the corresponding water conditions. Based on water analysis, Modine can recommend the best material combinations for your cooler.


Available in both single tube (QLKE) and double tube (QDKR) versions, these motor/generator coolers feature a removable header, making cleaning even easier for maximum efficiency in the most demanding conditions.

Thanks to its many years serving the diverse needs, and often corrosive environments, of the power generation industry, Modine is able to support its clients in selecting the configuration and materials that best suit the specific operating conditions. To further assist clients in the selecting the ideal motor/generator cooler, Modine offers its proprietary “COILS” selection software that helps in specifying the most appropriate heat exchanger configuration based on clients’ specific criteria and installation conditions.

Capacity Range:

Different size and capacity according the product application


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