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Coolers Selection Software

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This website that allows you to properly select the right ECO Cooler product based on your region’s availability!

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Coiltech® Industrial Products

COILS for Windows (Industrial products)

COILS for Windows (COILS3g) selection software is all you need to make the right choice from our wide product range. The calculation COILS provides illustrates operating conditions, dimensions, weight, and volume of the coil selected. In addition, printable project information shows comprehensive data and dimensional drawings.

The results from this software are based on laboratory testing with yearly updates.


Output consists of a print-out of technical data and a dimensional drawing of the selected cooler. To meet the needs of the varied and demanding projects our customers embark upon, our Air Blast Coolers come in a vast range of dimensions and configurations. To help navigate through the options, we recommend using COILS or contacting our sales staff as a first step.


Variables to be considered while sizing and selecting include:

  • Cooling capacity
  • Ambient temperature
  • Sound level (fan speed)
  • Cooler size
  • Fan motor power supply
  • Environmental conditions
  • Number of fans, tube rows
  • Liquid flow rate, etc.

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Please enter the customer code for the application as presented below and for the product you are interested in or contact us at for specific customer code or any other question.

Application Customer code
Motor Generator Coolers (MGC), Trafo coolers and Air Blast Coolers (ABCS) coils3g1497
Motor Generator Coolers (MGC), coils3g1523
Trafo Coolers coils3g1632
Air Blast Coolers (ABCS) coils3g1718
Dryer / Industrial Heat Exchangers coils1g
Air Unit Heaters (ATD) coils1g
Customer specific, requires customer code
Customer specific version can include prices, but also customer defined designs
To get specific version please contact Modine Sales in Söderköping at

Software Support

For any software support please contact us at

The Software Comprises the Following Products
Transformer oil cooler ALFA, BETA & CETA Specify required performance including any demands for noise limits. The program will present a number of alternatives, which can be easily compared in regard to cooling capacity, liquid pressure drop, noise, and price.
Motor Generator Coolers (MGC) The focus is laid on consideration of polluted environments. In case of pollution, a certain over dimensioning of the surface is often made in order to fulfill the cooling requirements. Alternatively, a fouling factor may be specified for the inner or outer surface of the coil. An optional choice is hydrogen gas as outer medium instead of air.
Radiators / Air Blast Coolers (ABCS, HGPC) Specify requested performance including any demands for noise limits. The program will present a number of alternatives, which can be easily compared in regard to cooling capacity, liquid pressure drop, noise and relative price. A separate noise calculation may be made for a plant including a number of coolers.
Heat Exchangers Selection of coils for heating or cooling of air with water plus any freeze protection used, evaporation/condensation media, or steam.
Air unit heaters ATD & LVD The program handles liquid coupled heat recovery systems with up to 20 input and exhaust coils. Input data to be specified is airflow, temperature, and humidity for each coil and required temperature efficiency, if any. It is also possible to specify required coil dimensions. The program presents the performance under the dimensioning conditions but also for three other surrounding temperatures. In case an anti-freeze control is needed, the performance of the system under the adjusted conditions will be presented as well. If required, the program will also present a system chart. This system chart suggests dimensioning of the system, including required tube dimensions, pump, vents, and control devices. Finally, the program offers a tool for estimating the profitability – considering location, operating time, investment costs, energy price, etc.

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