QDKR Specifications


The QDKR double tube cooler is made of 1/2” (12.7 mm) primary tubes with a circuit specifically sized for cooling water conditions.

Removable Header

To assist with the mechanical cleaning of the cooler, the coil body is fixed between tube plates with a removable header (water box). The header is also equipped with drain and venting plugs. Headers can be made of Rilsan® coated steel, stainless steel, or titanium. The cooler may be internally cleaned by simply removing the headers and using a brush (accessory) inside the tubes.

Tube Specifications
• The pair of tubes are mounted in a bundle of aluminum or copper fins.
• The primary tube is inserted in a secondary copper tube with internal grooves. These grooves drain any leakage water from the primary tubes.
• The water is drained out by a clearance between the primary and the secondary tube plate to any type of leakage device.
• Modine can supply leakage detectors which can be mounted into the cooler. • The tubes are made of copper, copper-nickel (90/10), stainless steel, or titanium.
• The secondary tube for double tube cooler is copper.
• The tubes are mechanically expanded into the fins to give absolute contact between the two materials.
Fin Specifications
• The standard fins are aluminum, but can also be made of copper that resists a saline environment very well
• The fins on the tubes give an increased heating surface to compensate for the low heat transfer coefficient on the air side
• The pitch between the fins is selected to get required cooling duty and air pressure drop conditions

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