• Reach-in cabinets
  • Display cases
  • Small cold rooms

Capacity Range

R1234yf: from 0,49 to 2,42 kW
R454C: from 0,45 to 2,21 kW
Accepted A2L refrigerants:


It is important to underscore that the safety measures for use of A2L refrigerants must comply with the provisions of the EN378 standard and the safety data sheets of the fluid used.



Our AP range is specifically designed for installations that use latest generation of A2L low GWP refrigerants, especially those used for wall application in reach-in cabinets, display cases and small walk-in cold rooms.

The range consists of 5 customizable models

For room temperatures down to –5 °C the special electric defrost version is advisable, whereas for lower temperatures (≥ –12 °C) an additional electric heater in the drip tray is recommended

On request the models can be equipped with non-standard: coils, defrosting and fan motors

Coil Features
  • The entire AP range is equipped with high efficiency coils suitable for A2L refrigerants made from special profile aluminium fins and inner grooved copper tube
  • Dual fin spacing 3,5/7 mm
  • The updated coil design responds to the recent guidelines governing the reduction of HFC gases with high greenhouse effect
Casing Features Made of a magnesium aluminum alloy, with a smooth finish covered by a plastic protection film
Fan Motors
The standard AC fan motors employed have the following features:
  • Ø 230 mm
  • fan motor module: from 1 to 3
  • single-phase 230V/1/50-60 Hz
  • fibreglass charged polyamide fan guard

The optional high efficiency EC fan motors have the following features:
  • Ø 230 mm
  • fan motor module: the same as AC fan motors
  • single-phase 230V/1/50-60 Hz
  • fibreglass charged polyamide fan guard
The versions with standard electric defrost (ED) are equipped with stainless steel heaters with vulcanised terminals preset for 230V/1/50-60Hz connection
The fan motors and the electric heaters of the EP/B models are prewired in IP 54 junction boxes
  • CE
  • PED
Published Data
  • EN 328 reference standard
  • Nominal capacity assessed in practical operating ambient i.e. in wet conditions
  • R1234yf and R454C refrigerants
  • air inlet temperature 0 °C
  • evaporating temperature –8 °C
  • TD 8 K

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