Air Flow Scheme

  • NH3 coolers capacity from 8.11 to 90.4 kW *
  • Airflow from 3.7 to 37168 m3/h

* See testing in specifications.


ICL Specifications


The ICL series is designed for use in large cold rooms and refrigerated storerooms for preserving fresh and frozen products.  The entire range has high efficiency coils made from special profile aluminum fins and 304 stainless tubing.  The series is divided based on room temperature:

  • ICL 4 for higher temperatures (≥ +2°C) with 4 mm fin spacing
  • ICL 7 for middle/lower temperatures (≥ –25°C) with 7 mm fin spacing (defrost system recommended)
  • ICL 10 for lower temperatures (≥–35°C) with 10 mm fin spacing (defrost system recommended)
  • ICL 12 for lower temperatures (≥–40°C) with 12 mm fin spacing (defrost system recommended)

On request, the models can be equipped with non-standard coils, defrosting, and fan motors.

Coil Features

  • High heat exchange efficiency
  • Special profile aluminum fins and 304 stainless steel tubes

Standard Defrost

Electric defrost (ED) three-phase 400V/50 Hz.

Casing Features

Made of a magnesium aluminum alloy with a smooth finish covered by a plastic protection film.

Fan Motor Features

  • 500, 560, 630, 710 and 910 mm diameters, external rotor three-phase 400V/50 Hz dual speed with epoxy coated steel fan guard
  • IP 54 protection grade
  • Class F (THCL155) insulation
  • Internal thermal contact protection

Optional high efficiency EC fan motors:

  • IP 54 protection grade
  • Class B insulation
  • Built-in electronic protection

Fan Guard Features

Manufactured from epoxy-coated steel according to EN 294 standards.

Air Throw

The aeraulic combination provides a considerably high air throw measured in Modine’s Technical Lab according to CECOMAF GT6-001 standards.


  • Tested at a pressure of 30 bars.
  • Nominal capacity assessed in practical operating ambient (wet conditions)
  • Refrigerant NH3
  • Air inlet temperature 0°C
  • Evaporator temperature -8°C
  • ΔT = 8 K

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