• Air conditioning
  • Refrigeration systems

Capacity Range

  • Air cooled condensers: From 22,3 to 413 kW<
  • Dry coolers: Please use Scelte selection software
  • CO2 gas coolers: Please contact us

PCR Specifications


Range consists of 11 customizable models.

The models have been designed for canalized installation with maximum available static pressure 300 Pa.

On request, the models can be equipped with non-standard coils and fan motors.

Coil Features
  • The entire range is equipped with high efficiency coils made from special “Air Intake” profile aluminium fins and inner grooved copper tube, suitable for new generation refrigerants (smooth tubes for CO2 Gas Coolers)
  • They are supplied charged with dry air at 2 bars and 2,1 mm fin spacing for the entire range
Casing Features Made of a pre-painted galvanised metal sheet, with a smooth finish covered by a plastic protection film
Fan Motors
The standard AC fan motors employed have the following features:
  • Ø 400 mm
  • fan motor module: from 1 to 3
  • 380-480V/3/50-60 Hz
  • 2060 RPM max
  • Ø 500 mm
  • fan motor module: from 2 to 4
  • 380-480V/3/50-60 Hz
  • 1700 RPM max
  • insulation class 155
  • max ambient temp. 60°C
  • Ø 630 mm
  • fan motor module: from 3 to 6
  • 380-480V/3/50-60 Hz
  • 1300 RPM max
The fan motors and the casework are predisposed for grounding
  • CE
  • PED
Published Data
  • Air cooled condensers
    • EN 327 reference standard
    • The stated capacity is assessed based on ambient temperature 25 °C and condensing temperature 40 °C with R448A (mid-point)
  • Dry coolers
    • EN 1048 reference standard
  • CO2 gas coolers
    • For selections, special applications and further information please contact us

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