Air unit heater ATD 118X, Coiltech images from Söderköping, taken in 2008

ATDC Specifications


ATDC is a combined fan unit heater/cooler and is designed for heating and cooling industrial, manufacturing, retail, and warehouse premises, as well as garages, supermarkets, and the like.

Hydrophilic Fins

ATDC features a corrosion-proof cooling/heating coil of hydrophilic fins and copper tubes. The hydrophilic fins feature a hygroscopic design to enable a significantly higher airflow speed over the coil’s surface compared to aluminum. The hydrophilic fins also boast better corrosion resistance compared with aluminum fins.

Openable Casing

The ATDC unit cooler/heater features a white lacquered sheet metal or EN 1.4301 stainless steel casing. The casing can be opened for interior cleaning. The roof and base are easily removed with just two screws. The water and steam pipe connections are located on the unit’s side. The motor, impeller, and protective grille are designed as a compact and composite unit.

• ATDC is available in sizes 33, 44, 55, and 66.
Airflow Direction
• ATDC may be installed for horizontal airflow only.
Performance Ranges
• Airflow up to 2.15 m3/s.
• Heating capacity from 4 to 55 kW.
• Cooling capacity from 2 to 15 kW.
Coil Features
• High heat exchange efficiency.
• Designed with hydrophilic fins and copper tubes.
• Standard fin spacing 2.5 mm (2-6 mm).
Casing Features
• Made of hot-galvanized sheet steel, painted white (RAL 9010), or 304 stainless sheet steel.
• Drip tray is stainless steel.
• Transparent plastic foil packaging also protects the unit.
Fan Motor Features
• Single-phase 230 V or three-phase 400 V power supply.
• IP 44 protection grade for sizes 33, 44.
• IP 54 protection grade for sizes 55, 66.
• External rotor type.
• Maximum operating temperature +50°C.
• Fan impeller and protective grille made from sheet steel/wire, painted black.
• One air deflector is included as standard.
• Heat exchangers are leakage tested using dry air under water.
Options and Accessories
• Other motors such as spark proof motors and motors having higher IP-class.
• Other dimensions and materials than standard.
• Material for corrosive environments available.
• Broad range of accessories.

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