Air Blast Cooler / Radiator

Air Blast Cooler / Radiator

Modine Commercial and Industrial Solutions (CIS) offers Radiators/Air blast coolers for countless applications, from water cooling of large diesel engines to chillers for air conditioning and waste incinerators. Each cooler is designed to meet specific cooling capacity and noise level requirements.

Modine (CIS) industrial heat exchangers are designed to work in even the most hostile conditions, whether at high temperatures, high pressures, or where the environment is highly corrosive. Our cooler tubes can be made with titanium or stainless steel, as well as copper and copper alloys, to best suit the application’s environment.

From ventilation in offshore installations to cellulose or timber driers, our heat exchangers will be designed to meet the challenge. Modine (CIS) industrial products are part of nuclear, oil, or gas deliveries world-wide. We have extensive experience with such deliveries, including quality documentation of welding/brazing, production, and authority inspections.


Three Product Levels
Modine (CIS) offers Radiator/Air Blast Coolers in three ranges: Basic, Premium, and High-Grade.

  • BASIC – Our Basic range is designed for single cooler installations and to meet the requirements for standard projects or those with few additional specifications. (For North America Please Refer To ECO Coolers LF-MF Product Range)
  • PREMIUM – Our Premium coolers are designed to handle the demands of the toughest environments and come with a variety of energy efficient fan options.
  • HIGH-GRADE – Our top-of-the-range coolers offer flexibility in material choices and almost limitless scope for customization.

Capacity Range

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